This post continues on from “KleinHacks: From Thought to Reality

Passing the torch

After the initial event I made a promise to keep KleinHacks running for years to come. With that I gave the new position of Program Director to Zain Sheikh.


The second event was another success! The team did an excellent job jumping in and working with Klein ISD to make KleinHacks II great! I enjoyed coming back to see the program double in size. However, I knew that KleinHacks was capable of much, much more.


After starting my second internship at Klein ISD, I met with Gavin Minty, who had some words to say about my program. He pointed out how statistically, our program shouldn’t have existed. We had zero structure and were basically just a bunch of high schoolers with a dream. That was a major eye-opener for me. I then spoke with David Bauducco about completely restructuring the team. This now being my second year at Texas A&M University, I was more familiar with how my college schedule would work out and decided to rejoin the team as Executive Director. Ever since, we’ve been working to add structure and stability to our program. I want to ensure that no matter who’s in the driver’s seat, they are equipped with the tools necessary to manage and lead our team to success.

KleinHacks all buttoned up

With a business plan made and dozens of documents establishing our brand and purpose, I am finally content with the ability for the program to continue on without major involvement on my end. Luckily, David has done an amazing job bringing his vision to the table and working to solidify KleinHacks as the best of it’s kind.

Stay tuned for the next KleinHacks, where every event is greater than the last!