After my first year at Texas A&M I chose to go back to Klein ISD and work with their Applications Development team for the summer.

Real Applications

From the first day I got there, I was immersed in the “fun” world of ASP.NET AJAX and C#. Not only was it ASP.NET, their applications also used Telerik and Kendo UI, which was another fun set of documentation to read.

I had some issues with the way things were organized. Luckily, my manager was very open to suggestions and accepted my idea of adding Azure DevOps to their arsenal. We implemented source control and immediately saw the productive benefits of having it. (or at least I did, it took them a little bit longer to love it)

Learning these new environments taught me a lot about web development, something I’ve been meaning to work more with in my personal projects. It also taught me the fun of browsing Stack Overflow and Telerik knowledge-bases in hopes that someone had a problem similar to mine with an (not poorly but not well) interestingly documented UI.

With web development also came the fun of working with SQL and preventing the large amount of things that can go wrong with SQL. I got to work alongside a cybersecurity expert ensuring that I properly hardened our web apps from exploits like XSS and SQL injections.

All of this with deadlines hovering over our shoulders.

Making applications for a (massive) school district was a very interesting experience. I look forward to taking my experience from this summer and applying it to my future web based endeavors.